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The following photos are unretouched pictures of a female hermaphrodite. They are published here to satisfy the curiosity of those who wonder how an intersexed person with ambiguous genitailia might look. See "All the hermaphrodites photos & hermaphrodite movies Here!
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displaying enlarged clitoris and vulva.
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On an interesting note, in a 1947 medical textbook - "Gynecologic Nursing" - ambiguous genitailia is referred to as "Psuedohermaphroditism". It contains an interesting set of illustrations depicting a frontal view with vulva and an enlarged clitoris resembling a small "penis", and a cross-section showing the non-fuctioning "penis" with a urethral opening at the base. It also shows a pocket or "sinus" opening on the perineum, between the urethral and anal openings. One could see how it would easily be mistaken for a vagina in a child.


The text reads in part..."A pseudohermaphrodite is an individual of one sex presenting some of the local characteristics of the other sex...Most of the pseudohermaphrodites are really male (have testicles in the abdomen or scrotum), the resemblance to the female genitals being due to some form of hypospadias, accompanied by an abnormal opening or pocket that is mistaken for a vagina. In female hermaphrodites, the principal anomaly that causes some resemblance to the male sexual organs is hypertrophy of the clitoris; this may be accompanied adhesions of the labia minora or labia majora over the vaginal opening.

In some cases positive determination of sex is very difficult and may even be impossible. The general rule is to class the pseudohermaphrodite as a male, until/unless unmistakable evidence of the opposite sex appears".

It is important to understand that this outdated concept of the intersexed is generally known to be invalid these days. Due to the differences in combinations of chromosomes there are intersexed individuals that are predominately female, male, or clearly neither male or female. Leaving open the concept that there may well exist a third distinct sex.

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